We are now accepting flash fiction (<1000 words). Genre: Environmental Horror. For our online and zine: Anthology: “Gators and Golfballs” due out Christmas 2020.


Flash Fiction

1,000 words or less

Basic Submission Criteria: Format: 12 pt font – New Times Roman – double spaced – title and word count in email subject, please submit .Doc as an attachment. Thank you. Please put brief bio in email.

Cartoon reenactment of a giant water bug attack.

Importance in story submissions

A premise, fleshing out characters, character arcs and development. Good dialogue. Good characters. The environment and fun is secondary.

Nature Watercolor 2019 by artist J.R. Pfeiffer

Book cover designs submission welcome for “Gators and Golfballs” coming out Christmas 2020.

Slothbob will be accepting .jpg book cover designs. Thank you.

Backyard Ecosystem design with Illustrator and Photoshop.

Short Fiction

Only flash fiction (1,000 words or less) at this time. Thank you.

Artwork by J.R.Pfeiffer

Genre: Environmental – Horror.

An example of Environmental Horror: In South Florida, a developing company and the city counsel are bullying a neighborhood into rezoning a law protecting a Tortious reserve. The “bad guys” win and destroy the reserve for a golf course and some condos. The bad guy’s character arc could be that they start out greedy, materialistic monsters, and some survive to respect the miracles and beauty of nature. The bourgeois’s antagonist can be whatever you want. (This is just a sample of what we are sort of looking for regarding our anthology: “Gators and Golfballs”. Thank you.

Coming soon.

Submit Flash Fiction to: (12pt, double spaced, New Times Roman.)

Email is slothbobfiction@gmail.com