A Day in The Gardens – Dining and Shopping

A Day in The Gardens – Dining and Shopping

My daughter will be turning 11 in a few days. To say time is racing by would be an understatement. One of her best friends will be going out of town and will not be here for her birthday, so today we did lunch and some shopping together in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.


The day started at The Yardhouse at Downtown at the Gardens!


Even though there were some shenanigans at lunch, the shopping was the highlight of the day!


So shopping with a couple of tweens can be a harrowing experience. Our first stop was Nordstrom where the girls decided to try on a few different shirts that I would never have let them buy anyway. So I’m standing in the waiting area of the dressing room, and a woman is chewing gum so loud I feel like her teeth are going to break. Then another woman walks toward the back in flip flops; flip flop, flip flop. Chomp chomp, flip flop. Someone is going to get throat punched! (I kid)  Luckily, the girls don’t like any of the shirts. We move on.

We head to Forever 21, where the clothing has been hideous, but we manage to find a shirt that we liked. I bought one for each of the girls, with the agreement that we were done shopping for the day. Of course that didn’t work out, plus we ended up with a bunch of socks and lip balm on the way out.

Forever 21


Gardens Mall

We head to Starbucks. Not my favorite, but arguing with two girls at the mall is not on the top of my list.


And then, The Body Shop. After putting about 18 different lotions and hand sanitizers on, we were finally on our way out. I hoped.

Bath and Body Works

We headed out. Though we still stopped for a few photo opps.

Mall Foolery

Mannequin Challenge!


This may be my favorite of the day!


Fun day and we made it home before the afternoon thunderstorms. After running all over the place, we are now chilling and watching a movie. I got a pair of socks for a dollar, so yeah me!!!  🙂


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