About Us

Jay & Casey

Always having fun! You may not initially understand our humor, but if you tag along on our adventures for a while you will totally get us!

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Life should be experienced. And yeah, that even means letting a goat climb on your back every now and then. FYI, goats do not understand personal space!

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Not an ounce of shyness in this girl! She gets everyone around her laughing and always brightens the mood!

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Mission Statement

This is our place to express ourselves, to welcome others into our lives. We are fun people who try not to take life too seriously. If you can't laugh at yourself, (or each other) what's the point??

We are passionate about many things; fitness, sports, music, nature, art, photography, singing, and dancing. We are busy, but we never get so caught up that we don't stop to appreciate the good parts of life. Everyone needs to slow down once in a while and enjoy the little things.

Sloth is life!!!! Live slow!!


Next Steps...

Please follow along as we enjoy life and post all of our craziness!