Gaming Review #3 (ARK Survival Evolved)

Gaming Review #3 (ARK Survival Evolved)

Welcome back to my gaming review series! This episode will be about the popular ps4, Xbox, and pc Dinosaur survival game, ARK. This game is all about survival, whether you’re trying to survive against the harsh dinos on ARK, or the fierce players most likely hunting you down for your resources. This game usually ends worse for the player, but when it ends for the better, it’s a good day. Whether you spend your time building a big mega fortress for you, your tribe, and all your tamed dinosaurs, or you like going out on the hunt to either kill other players and their tames or tame dinos for you and your tribe’s use, this guide can help. You can tame everything from the dodo bird to the Giganotosaurus. And all in between…







Almost every dino in ARK is a knockout tame, which means you need to have some sort of tranquilizer weapon (Tranq Arrow, Tranquilizer dart, shocking tranq bullet, and if you’re playing on a modded server, all the other cool types of tranquilizers there are). Once you have fired enough tranquilizers at the dino, it should just collapse to the ground allowing you to put narcotics (put/keep dino asleep) and meat/berries (to actually tame the dino). If you’re taming an insect, however (scorpions, arthropleuras, or spiders), they will take rotten meat. There are plenty of dinos that aren’t very useful (dodos, carnos, allos, and plenty more), but there are a lot of dinos that do have uses. Doedics get stone really quick, pteranodons get you around the ARK fast, and ankylos farm metal with ease. Rexes are masters at getting meat, thylacoleos can climb almost any surface, and sabertooths farm chitin/keratin and organic polymer really well. Quetzals are good for transporting you, dinos, and resources across the lands. Trikes, stegos, and brontos farm berries very well. Finally, dung beetles can turn poop into fertilizer.

You will most likely want a flat place for your base to go so you can make it as big as you want it. To facilitate the health and wellbeing of your dinos, make sure you have enough space for them to prosper. With your base, you mainly want to level up the material you’re using so that it resists attacks and has improved curb appeal. You want to upgrade it from thatch to wood, wood to stone, stone to metal, and finally, metal to tek. Eventually, if your playing on a PvP (player vs. player) server, you will want to throw some turret towers and even some turrets on your base. This will kill any enemies that might be trying to raid you.

I hope this helps you get started with Ark. A lot of the skills you will learn will be from actively playing and learning your own strategies.

I will be back with some more specific tips and tricks soon. Please leave any comments and questions you may have down below and I will  address them as soon as I can.

To see where I play all of my games, check this blog I wrote about my gaming room here Gaming Room Setup!



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