Game Review #1 (Overwatch)

Game Review #1 (Overwatch)

This is a blog post series that I am starting to review about certain games if they’re worth the money all that. This is episode one and the game I’m going to be reviewing is Overwatch. Let’s Go.



Overwatch is a comptetitive team based game. Its six players vs. six players with A total of 27 selectable heroes you can play. Heroes can vary from a robotic cyber ninja to a precise aim character, to incredible damage dealers, to heroes that can heal you and make you stronger. Some Heroes you can play really well with no practice (recommended if you’re new to the game) and some take hundreds of games to master. There also a lot of different game modes in overwatch, varying from mystery heroes, competitive, low gravity, FFA, total mayhem, and a lot more. What most people do in this game when they first start is go into a game, play all the heroes, and then pick a select 1-4 heroes that they would like to get better at, and that’s who they play whenever they go into games. You don’t have to do this but I recommend playing 1-2 DPS, a tank, and a healer, That combination of heroes will make sure that you will always be benefiting your team, so if they have 3 DPS and 2 tanks, that’s why you want to be able to play some sort of healer. This game is all about teamwork, if you don’t do it, then this isn’t the game for you, it’s that easy.



Once you find the heroes you would like to play/main you should hop into the practice range for a little bit and test out all the heroes abilities and learn the game mechanics of those heroes. There are also cosmetics for all heroes such as skins, emotes, highlight intro’s, voice lines, and sprays for every hero to make your heroes look cooler in game, and when you get around the level 100 area you may have enough competitive points to buy a golden gun, which in overwatch is pretty much telling people you main the character you have the golden gun for, as it will take a very long time to farm up enough competitive points for another one. I will now insert 3 pictures of different golden guns down below.

You could also determine who you want to main by who you think has the best looking gold gun and then you play them and work for that gold gun. but I recommend when you first get on always go to the practice range to get warmed up on whoever you going to play, because if you don’t then your first game your most likely going to not be the most helpful you can be to your teammates and possibly cause your team to lose your first game before you even get warmed up. You don’t need to do this in the lower ELO levels unless you’re actually trying to rank up, but you could just play with friends that are way better then you that would just carry you until you get warmed up. But once you either are in high ELO or don’t have any friends on you should get warmed up in the practice range before going into a match and be more useful to your teammates.

I’m sorry this post wasn’t really on how to get better at the game, I made this post to say what overwatch is, and in my opinion, *it is worth every penny you spend on it* overwatch is a really great game, if you got some extra pocket money I really recommend you go check out this game, not to mention that overwatch also got game of the year, that should tell anyone that its a pretty good game if you like team based shooters. That was all I had for this blog post, I encourage you to go look at some other posts that are in the gaming section if you liked this one, I also encourage you to go check out other blog posts in different categories. That’s all I got, hope to see you in our other blog posts, bai.


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