Game Review #2 (Fortnite Save The World (PVE))

Game Review #2 (Fortnite Save The World (PVE))

This is the second game review I am doing and this game is fortnite Save The World (STW), let’s go!


Fortnite STW is a PVE game mode of humans vs. zombies, or, as the game says it “Husks.” The main objective of the game is to destroy the storm (that spawns all the Husks in). The are lots of different types of missions, all of which include defending an objective from the husks, but with different objectives.¬†ATLAS (giant laser thing,) Lars van (A van used to go into the storm to gather intel,) or your Storm Shield (used as A safe zone and also called your HomeBase.) There are also tons of different types of guns, melee weapons, traps, and crafting materials used and farmed inside the game.

While you are advancing through the game, you will need to upgrade your guns as well. While you go into the new zones (Plankerton, Canny Valley, and Twine Peaks), the husk are going to become harder to kill, so you need to evolve your guns to be able to kill the husks in the higher power level zones. Each time you evolve one of your weapons, the crafting materials used to make the weapons are also going to evolve. When you first get a gun, it’s going to take copper to craft. When you evolve it you will need to use silver, then malachite. After malachite, however, you need to make a choice between shadowshard and obsidian. Obsidian makes the durability on the weapon last longer, while shadowshard makes the weapon do more damage. Shadowshard will evolve to sunbeam and obsidian will evolve to brightcore. You will also need to evolve your Heroes, Defenders, and survivors, but those don’t have crafting materials :D.

For each of your guns there will be perks, which are specialized buffs on your weapon. The main perks you want are any element, damage, crit damage, crit chance, and durability. Depending on what element you get on your gun (if you do get one), there are also elemental husks (fire, water, and nature) and each element is strong and weak against another element, (Fire is strong against nature, water is strong against fire, nature is strong against water, and energy is strong against all elemental types.

If you are new to the game DO NOT trade unless you’re trading with friends because you have a 90% chance of getting SCAMMED!!

I have basically covered the things you need to know before/when you buy the game. Once you’re to the point where this tutorial won’t help you anymore, you should know enough to play the game on your own without tutorials.

– Casey

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