Grassy Waters Photography Hike

Grassy Waters Photography Hike

Currently we have found three photography contests at state parks in our area. Since the kids are home-schooled, I thought I would add the contests to their curriculum. Today we visited one of our favorite parks, Grassy Waters. Boardwalks have been built through this beautiful preserve, and visitors can travel over the swampy grounds without a speck of dirt on their shoes. My daughter and I got some great pictures today. We need to narrow it down so we can get our contest entries in.

Even though it was somewhat cloudy, we loved the reflection of the trees in the water.

We learned today that the red spots on the trees are a mixture of fungus, bacteria, and algae. The combination is called lichen. Kendall got a great shot of it on this branch.

Another great shot by Kendall.

We saw a couple baby alligators resting on a mud bank.

We used to have these green lizards everywhere, but now we rarely see them unless we are in a protected park.

One of the few birds we saw today.

Kendall loves taking photos of flowers. Many of the trees are currently still bare, so she had to really search to find them on this hike.

We will be visiting other parks in the next coming weeks, so follow along and see what we capture with our cameras at each of them!

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