Grunge Artists; I Miss You

Grunge Artists; I Miss You <3

I’m sitting alone in my room, as I often do, listening to Alice in Chains. The lyrics have always spoken to me. I don’t know that there is a song I don’t like. And the haunting melodies, they just reach a part of me that most music doesn’t. But does this exposure of the soul come at a price? I think it may, as many of my favorite lead singers have died by their own hand, whether from drugs or suicide. So, what does it cost to bare your heart in song?

I listen to the music on the radio currently, mostly because I must; I have children. For the most part, the talent isn’t there. Songs are written by other people and performed by mass-produced “artists.” This is not the music I grew up listening to. The music created from hours of sweat in dirty garages or basements. Music created from heartbreak, and dreams, and disasters, and hopes. Music created, not manufactured.

I think there is a major difference between an artist and a performer. Art comes in many forms: Music, theater, painting, sketching, photography, and no this is not a complete list, as art is everywhere. So, do the artists that lay it all down on the line put themselves out there too much? When you give yourself to the art, are you more vulnerable? Or is the reason your art is so good because you are vulnerable to begin with? A broken, open book.

I’m lucky to say that I got to see Kurt Cobain and Chris Cornell in concert. I’ll always wish I had been able to see Layne Staley perform live. Same with Chester Bennington. As I’ve gotten older I prefer to avoid the crowds at concerts and listen to music in the comfort of my room, with my pajamas and slippers on. But one encore performance by any of the above and I’m right there in the middle of the masses. This music was life changing for me. And apparently life ending for some of them. Or maybe the music kept them going longer than they would have. I wish being creative, an artist, a sensitive soul, didn’t have to also break people down. If I live to be ninety I will still be listening to 1990’s grunge. You guys left your mark on my life, on my soul, on my heart. ❤

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