How To Create THE Ultimate Gaming Setup!

How To Create THE Ultimate Gaming Setup!


So, If you have found this article, you are probably looking for tips on how to improve your gaming setup, and I’m going to be showing you how to change your setup from this:

To this:

Now, onto the tips!




Gaming Gear is one of the most important things to a good setup; a clean looking keyboard and mouse can make all the difference. The cost of gaming gear can vary from 25$ budget headsets, to high end gaming keyboards (at the end of this article I will add pictures and a description of all the gaming gear I own personally). Before you choose what gear you want to buy, you should decide on a color scheme. I chose black and red, so I purchased gaming gear that I knew was high quality but also the colors I was looking for. If you’re going to be using your improved gaming setup for competitive gaming, I recommend getting a microphone to communicate with your teammates. If you don’t want a big, bulky microphone on your desk, you can get a headset with a mic built in. You could say it kills two birds with one stone. If you want to be able to play your games at all you need a decent monitor. I advise you to go for one with at least 100 hertz refresh rate and 1080p resolution for a quality gaming experience. I also recommend that you get one between the size of 27″-29″ because you don’t want your screen to be so big that you can’t see the entire thing!

Now, onto the bad boy, the power of it all, the actual computer itself! You may need to do some research on this one as to what graphic cards, ram, motherboard, processor, power supply, and cooling you want. You need to make sure all of those match each other or your computer won’t run good. I recommend going to watch a few Youtube videos to see what parts pair with others.




Now, in the photo’s I included in this article, there is no cable management done at all on my setup. I have the stuff to do it, just haven’t completed it yet. I will, however, still be walking you through how to do simple, yet amazing cable management with your gaming rig. All you need is a cable raceway and some velcro. First, you mount the cable raceway to the wall underneath your desk. Then route all your cables into it and towards your desktop.When the cables are all above your desktop, cut the raceway to match your desired length, using the velcro to keep all the cables together until the are fully hidden behind your desktop. If your desktop, however, is on top of your desk, you do the same exact thing except you use the velcro to guide the cables up on top of the desk and behind your computer. Then simply plug everything into the BACK of the computer; if you plug cables into the front usb ports of your PC it will ruin the entire purpose of cable management. When you buy your computer/computer case (depending on if you’re making your desktop or buying one pre-built at a store) be sure you have enough usb/audio/mic ports in the back of your case! With your keyboard and mouse, I also recommend you take the mouse cable and use velcro/wire to keep the mouse and keyboard wire together, which takes an extra cable off the desk to make it look cleaner. If you don’t have a glass desk, (unlike me), you can drill holes into your desk to route cables through so they are hidden (ONLY DO THIS IF YOU REALLY WANT THE BEST SETUP AS YOU CAN’T PUT THE MATERIAL BACK INTO THE DESK!!!!). One more tip for cable management is to get a cable box to put on the floor underneath your desk to hide all the power cables.

This is what you can do with cable management…. I recommend taking your time and doing this to your setup.




Ok, let’s stop talking about you, let’s talk about me. I will now show you all of my gaming gear and my entire setup combined. Let’s go!

KEYBOARD: Razor Ornata Chroma

MOUSE: Razor Deathadder Elite

HEADSET: Razor Kraken Pro 


 (you won’t get the red cover if you buy the mic)

WEBCAM: Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam

LIGHTING: 3D Shark Light

MONITOR: Omen 29″ 144 hertz 2080p Resolution Display

DESKTOP: Omen Desktop


Well, I hope these few tips help you get at least 1 step closer to your dream gaming setup. If this helped you out like and follow us for future gaming tips and other fun stuff.

– Casey

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