How to get better at Fortnite (Battle Royale)

How to get better at Fortnite (Battle Royale)


If you found this article, you’re probably trying to find the best tips to get better at Fortnite. Luckily for you, I know all of them. Read through this article and you will be a god in no time. Let’s go.



If you are new to the game, or have been playing for a while and just don’t seem to be improving, I have a few tips that may help you win a lot more frequently. The first thing I recommend you do to get better is to not land at places like Moisty Mire or Junk Junction. You want to land at places where there are a lot of people so you can get in as many fights as possible to practice your gun skills. The more fights you’re in, the more you’re gonna improve. Land at places like Retail Row and Pleasant Park. I will leave a map below on all the popular spots where I find myself to be put into the most fights.



I find that most of my fights are shotgun fights, so I recommend that you drop to the areas that the most fights happen in, get a shotgun, and rush everybody that landed with you. Practice crosshair placement, that’s all you need. If you have your crosshair on somebody 60+% of the fight then you’re most likely going to kill him. With your hotbar you should have some sort of assault rifle (medium/long ranged combat,) 1 or 2 shotguns (close ranged combat) (usually a pump action shotgun and a tactical shotgun) a special gun (sniper rifle, grenade launcher, RPG, or assault rifle with a scope,) and then some sort of healing (shields, medkits, bandages, chug jugs, slurp juices, etc.) Those items are all you need to win a game; some sort of healing, an assault rifle, and a shotgun. You can get more, but that’s all you need to win.

You shouldn’t focus on winning until you get better at the game. Just focus on trying to get kills. If you get 2+ kills a game, you’re going to get way better really quickly. Just farm kills, don’t look at your kill death ratio either. If you see it’s not good than you’re most likely going to just quit.

Another tip for when you’re in a shotgun fight with somebody is if you have to reload or just want to get a better position on the enemy, I recommend you get good at building. If the enemy lands and shoots and you need a better position, you can build 4 walls around you, build a stairway, and then kill him while you’re above. You can also take the 1×1 set of walls and build up as high as you please (as long as you have enough materials).



When you’re trying to farm kills, you also need to focus on crosshair placement. If you have good aim with the assault rifle from medium to long distances, you can farm kills no problem. You also need to really practice your building. When somebody starts shooting you, you have to be able to build a 1×1 with stairs in less than 2 seconds before the enemy is able to land a shot on you, That will just leave you at a disadvantage for him to be able to push you. Once you build the 1×1 figure out where the enemy is, just watch; the next time he peaks see if you can land a headshot on him. That will leave him at a disadvantage and give you a window to push him. Other than the tips I just said, keep farming kills and eventually you will end up getting better at the game. Keep practicing and you will be a god quickly.

Those are all my tips for today! Comment below if this helped you, or if there is another topic you would like for me to cover.


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