Kayaking Trip to Little Munyon Island

Kayaking Trip to Little Munyon Island


It was late Saturday afternoon, and both my kids had activities, so on a whim I took the kayak to one of my favorite launches at John D. MacArthur Park.


I got onto the water around 2:30. Still plenty of time to make it to Little Munyon Island. This photo is facing off my paddle to the north east. The water looks deep in this picture, but it was about 2 feet in this spot. It was very low tide when I arrived, and I had to get out and pull the boat over a few areas.


There was hardly a cloud in the sky and the water was perfect. In the next month or two it will start getting a lot warmer, almost to the point where even the ocean is like bath water in some areas.


The buildings in the background are on Singer Island. There is another great park over there called Phil Foster. We will be over there doing a photo shoot n the next week or two.


This was facing west toward a park where we go to film sometimes. Our latest yoga video was shot over there. Lakeside Park North Palm Beach.


This is to the north, North Palm Beach Florida.


On my way back I crossed paths with several pelicans, and a turtle followed me for a while but he would go underwater whenever I would get my camera out.


I almost got a picture of this one catching a fish.


I took several photos of this guy. I took them from far away at first so I would get the shot, then moved closer. This was as close as I got and he flew away. He was a good sport about it.


Overall a gorgeous day. Hope you enjoy the pictures!



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