Mardi Gras Carnival Saint Claire’s Church 2018

Mardi Gras Carnival Saint Claire’s Church 2018


Mardi Gras at St.Claire’s was a little carnival that came to North Palm Beach Florida. Me, my mom, and my brother went with our neighbors, which included my best friend Hayley! This is us on the bumper cars.


The first thing we did since it was really crowded was to walk through the FUNHOUSE! We had to run through obstacles, climb rock walls and ropes, and run across bridges. At the end, we went down this giant slide which took us back to the bottom. After that, we went on this ride that looked like a guitar. It slowly rocked side to side until it got fast enough, then went all the way around.

My brother played some of the carnival games, and ended up winning this giant spider stuffed animal.


We had a great time at this carnival, and the best thing was it was within walking distance of the house. I wish I had better pictures, but it was dark and crowded and we only had a few come out good. Maybe next year!


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