The Fire – Poetry

The Fire – Poetry

The Fire


That I was given fire inside I shall not burn the delicate wing as you are passing

And look away as heat wash over the cloud to keep you glowing here with me

My light shines the shadows of your path and brings your fallen heart to my embrace

I rock your silent form and whisper prayers to shield you from my own beliefs

Fragile you are with eyes like a fawn, glistening the innocence down your face

Sleep being salvation your eyes have closed

Solitude becomes the cold arm around my shoulder

Light my fire again

I’ll burn my insides out to break you from this shame

Scattered now our delusional dreams, just dusted bits of heartbreak

Cried temptation, I did nothing near your greedy hands

You grab without a thought then speak my evil deeds

Now flow like the untamed water and search for every weakness in the crevice of my soul

Our time has passed amongst the dreary cavern where my fire has slowly lessoned to a spark

I’ll crumble to the ground and build my grave among the ghosts where I have failed you

I die and die again and leave your beauty here to wake beneath the sun

My sacrifice will open with your eyes

You are the fire

Now burn the path for me and I’ll be gone


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