Thrill Ride Pictures – Walt Disney World Orlando Florida

Thrill Ride Pictures – Walt Disney World Orlando Florida


Splash Mountain Magic Kingdom


For a while Disney put watermarks across all the ride pictures so you couldn’t just snap a quick photo of the monitor with the preview photo on it. As high as Disney prices are, I don’t feel bad whatsoever about grabbing a pixelated copy of our ride photos instead of purchasing them for $15+ a piece, especially since they’re basically just funny captures that you would never put in a frame and place on the bookcase. That being said, we have a few of our favorites to share, and hope that if you have some of your own you will share them in the comments below.


One of our favorites, Expedition Everest – The Yeti ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This roller coaster is fantastic; a must do at this park.


Now I pretty much look the same in all of these. My son goes back and forth. But my daughter, she is the star of the show here. This is Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios park.


This was the same night, right after the previous picture. Sometimes you get a fast pass for a ride and the standby line is pretty short. We ended up getting right back in line for this. This is my sheep impression. I’m not sure what the kids are impersonating. I think the lady behind us is doing Mommy Dearest hahaha!


Expedition Everest from our most recent trip.


Yep, we love this ride. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror again. This time we coordinated and did see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. I know some people come up with some great ride pictures. My kids are getting old enough that this is now possible, so these could get better as time goes on.

Have funny ride pictures? Share them in the comments, we would love to see them!


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