Yoga Challenge – Kendall & Hayley

Yoga Challenge – Kendall & Hayley


So this was just something fun me and my best friend Hayley were doing in the yard one evening.

So the first pose we did was:

This was probably the easiest pose to do except we couldn’t get our legs straight. Both of our hands were very sweaty, so the second my mom took the photo, me and Hayley both let go and fell back.


In this one, you had to do the same thing with your legs, but this time, twist your body and hold on with only one hand.


This pose was incredibly hard and took forever, but we did it and we even named it the “I believe I can fly!”

Here is a failed version of the above pose:

Yep, that’s Hayley, literally flying!


This one was in between a failure and a success.


In this pose I REALLY wanted to be on top, but Hayley was lighter so …


This was one of my favorites to do, but my face is like I’m sassy, and Hayley’s is just hilarious. She’s peeping from the bottom and I picture her saying “hello” in a weird voice.


The one thing that was difficult in this pose was that it was hard to balance and Hayley kept digging her toes into my back!


What is really odd in this photo is that I’m actually taller than Hayley but she looks so much taller than me.


This was actually the hardest pose because I had to balance on Hayley while she did a push-up. Push ups are hard all by themselves!

I hope you guys enjoyed these photos! Check our page and channel for more yoga challenges!



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